Pre Nursery School Parent Resources

Early childhood learning is the most important phase of life because almost 85 – 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 6 years and thus is the need to make the most of the early years to shape the future of a child. Bless Kids Preschools are always aware of the development status and requirements of every individual child.

Bless Kids early childhood learning program ensures the essential active participation of the parents in the blissful experience of upbringing a child. A good understanding and active communications between parents and the teachers, a lot of patience and sharing responsibilities during the early years learning program can work wonders for an all round growth and development of a child’s body, mind and soul. Bless Kids campus offers a safe and secure second home environment for the kids, a home full of warmth, care, love, sharing, fun and kindness.

Bless Kids Learning Program works in close association with the parents because responsible parenting and a good preschool can make all the difference. The individual development status record is an important part of the communications for mother – toddler program and the parent’s participation program for play group, nursery school and kindergarten kids forming the base for a rewarding experience of bringing up a child, minimizing the challenges faced by the parents.